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Echo:NPC is a json-based templating language for creating powerful state-driven Bedrock Entities, including NPCs, tutorials, event-entities and quests.

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Blazingly Fast

Cut development time from hours to minutes by using Echo:NPC templating.

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Create reactive, state-driven entities using states and transitions.

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Simple stuff is simple. Create talkative, interactive NPCs in as little as 13 lines of json.

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Built with Echo:NPC


Hex, Sapphire Studios

Sapphire currently uses the tool, all the devs consensus is after doing your first 1 - 2 NPC’s and setting up how you want it, it makes all future NPC’s very easy to make and saves hours. We’ve saving a few hundreds on projects just off hours saved from NPC’s.

Thijs Hankel, Minetite

I use Echo almost every day now.


Just finished developing my first Echo:NPC map. It was a true pleasure. The best thing is it helped me understand the animation controllers in Behavior packs much better than I did before using your tool.


We use echo for anything we can, simply because of the amount of code that needs to be written. It’s a good wrapper that we’re able to build onto easily.


I had Echo:NPC for two days, and I did things I couldn’t have done in a week without it.


Must-have tool if you want to keep your entity creation quick and clean.

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