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Echo:NPC is a living, breathing piece of software that is constantly receiving updates, quality of life fixes, and maintenance. For this reason, Echo:NPC is offered as a monthly subscription.

Team Plan | 50$/month

The team plan is the best option for registered Marketplace teams. This plan allows all developers on your team access to Echo:NPC. Your developers can use this tool for map content, as well as non-project training. Developers cannot use Echo:NPC on other teams they are working with.

Please note that secondary teams will need to purchase their own license.

Personal Plan | 26$/month

The personal licence is intended for independent developers who work with many teams, and want access to Echo:NPC in all of them. This plan allows a single developer full access to the tool. It can be used on any team or project that they like.

Sharing Echo:NPC with other developers while on a personal license is prohibited.

Payment Options

Payment is currently handled through PayPal Invoices. Please get in touch, and we can discuss invoicing details:

  • Discord: SirLich#1658 (join the server!)
  • Email:

Free Trial

I am able to offer limited free-trials. If you are interested, please get in touch so we can discuss in-person.


During your first month, I will make myself highly available to get your team up and running with Echo:NPC. This includes screen-share calling as necessary, and free team training.

In subsequent months, I can’t provide the same level of training/support, but I will do my best to keep each team in the loop about new Echo features.

This support should be considered separate from direct bugs/issues. Actual Echo:NPC bugs will always be dealt with.

The best way I offer support is by making Echo:NPC easy to use, and by offering good documentation and loads of examples!